Agrogeo Co. Ltd.

ECSM 2010 European Conference on Sludge Management

We would like to inform you that the Agrogeo Ltd.and the BIOKOMP4 consortia vill take part in the coference of ECSM 2010 European Conference on Sludge Management. The conference will be organized between September 9, 2010 and September 10, 2010. This international scientific conference aims to bring together researchers and engineers from European universities, R&D laboratories, water agencies, governmental delegates, private companies involved in the management of sewage sludge.  

Importance of R&D

Biowastes are produced in amount of 120 – 130 million tons in the European Union anually.
The importance of research&development is based on substitution of costly produced inorganic fertilizers by biowaste composts which contributes to the sustainable agricultural management.
Through the controlled bioconversion of agricultural and municipal wastes the end-products can be utilized in the following fields: